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Success stories

Every year Reikartz company grows and develops, Together with it the career achievements of our Employees.

«How to build a career and be successful in Reikartz», — will tell our heroes from first mouth in our special column.

These are company employees you may know in person or those with whom you will soon be able to become acquainted. They know firsthand what it means to grow and develop. They did not seek excuses when the company gives complex tasks. They have reached certain heights and are ready to share their formula for success with colleagues.


Oksana Berkil

Key Account Manager of Sales Department
«Feel and believe that the hotel business is something that you will do all your life.»
Sales Manager - Regional Development Manager - Key Account Manager
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Kristina Kaguiy

The head of active sales department of Reikartz Hotel Group
«Work is like an art, feel your involvement in the great»
Sales Manager - Active Sales Manager - Head of Active Sales Department
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Aleksey Alyamskiy

Regional Security Chief
«Get satisfaction from a well done job»
Security Inspector - Senior Security Inspector - Regional Security Chief
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Julia Starigina

The manager of the hotel «Reikartz Kharkiv»
For one "no" find ten "yes"
Receptionist - Head of reception and accommodation service - Deputy Manager - Hotel Manager
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Alexander Romanchuk

project manager of bars and restaurants service department
"If you really have a lot of interest and desire to grow, and not just go to work and get paid, everything is here and even more."
Chef assistant – cook – senior cook – chef – F&B Technologist – project manager in F&B
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Oksana Yanuk

Deputy of Operations Director of Reikarts Hotel Group, Head of the Chain Housekeeping Service
"Have lots of patience, understanding and work hard"
Receptionist - reception and accommodation manager - hotel manager - hotel group manager - deputy operating director / head of housekeeping service
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Olga Diachenko

Director of Corporate Culture
"Love what you do! Remember that in the world there is nothing impossible, all the restrictions are only in our head. "
Receptionist - Senior receptionist - Restaurant administrator - Director of Corporate Culture
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Viacheslav Kucher

Regional Operations Director
"Having managed to cross the barrier of fear of something new, you will gain the knowledge and the opportunity for personal and career self-realization!"
Portier - Head of reception and accommodation - Hotel manager - Regional Operations Director
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Stanislav Prokopenko

Manager of Reikartz Dnepr
"I advise you not to limit yourself to the framework of your position, help your colleagues and respect the principles of the company."
Mechanic - Engineer - Hotel manager
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